If you’re in Hurghada or the nearby resort town of El Gouna (they're about 30 minutes apart, with buses and cabs connecting them), there’s good news and bad news when it comes to eating -- the good news is, there are tons of restaurants to choose from. The bad news? There’s tons of restaurants to choose from. If you’re not a local or recurring visitor, it can be hard to discern which eating establishments are worthy of both your stomach and your wallet -- so as locals, let us help you. 

1. Bulls Restaurant& Bakery:

Bulls Restaurant steakhouse ,Italian food, pizza, Chinese food and bakery Each cuisine has its own kitchen and specialty chefs

Addresse: Hurghada, ELKawthar, Metro ST.

For Contact : 01550151502

2. Kostalita :

Suitable in the morning and in the evening. it has a different types of dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner and have many typrs of desserts and drinks.

Addresse: Hurghada, ELKawthar, Metro ST.

For Contact : 01550151502

3. ABO AYA resturant : 

The Abu Aya Restaurant for Egyptian Popular Foods and French Iftar was established in 1997. 

Addresse: Hurghada, Sheraton

For Contact : 01097544184

4. ‎Hadramout Resturant:

Qasr Hadhramoot Al-Basha Restaurant for Original Mandi and Grilled

Addresse: Hurghada, Sheraton

For Contact : 01004461710/ـ01276844687

5 - Grill house 

the restaurants offer a fantastic sea view, a very special place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have a modern and spacious place on 2 levels with elegant interior design.

Any time is great for relaxing out on the large open terrace, You can watch football on the big screen and enjoy the Wi-Fi.

The venue is especially suited for parties and special events - Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate.

Grill House Located in " The View Residence " on the Old Sheraton Road,

The second branch, the main street, Al-Fayrouz resort, in front of Elahia department 

 Tel : 01000490031

Grill house

6 - Granada

Granada restaurant is an international cuisine, serving great and tasty good, As a five star restaurant, having perfect service and great well trained staff with an amazing view on the Red Sea. It is designed as a fantastic combination between international and Egyptian style.


Mon-Sun: 9:00 am - 4:00 am

Old Sheraton Road

200 meters after Sunrise Hotel

Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt


Tel: +20 (102) 514-4220


7 - Al Namliah Restaurant

Now in Hurghada a nimble restaurant and coffee shop

Namlieh is an oriental restaurant with a modern and distinctive character

Namliyah offers a variety of Egyptian Street Food in a modern version, along with Feteer “Egyptian Pie”, oriental drinks and coffee, and a number of Egyptian Delicacies

Address: Tourist Promenade next to Steigenberger Dau Hotel

Telephone number: 01119071658

Al Namliah Restaurant


8 -  Caribbean Bar Beach

A restaurant located directly on the Red Sea, and its cuisine is very suitable for vegetarians, as vegan options, gluten-free options.

The restaurant overlooks a wonderful and attractive view in the middle of the sea, and in the evening the moon appears with the sea to give a comfortable landscape for the nerves.

 Restaurant location: in the old Sheraton Road, next to Orange Beach in the Mafraq area.

Phone number: +201110497436

Caribbean Bar Beach


9 - star fish

Star Fish is the king of seafood in Hurghada. It is the oldest and most famous fish restaurant in which you will be able to enjoy different delicious dishes and meals.

Hurghada - Sheraton Street after Saqala Square 

Sahl Hasheesh Road - next to the village of Li Li Land

Or you can make your order on these numbers

Sheraton Branch: 01210202351

Sahl Hasheesh Road Branch: 01116070005

10 - Asmak Resturant: 

sea food restaurant.

Addresse: Hurghada, Sheraton

For Contact : 01030087662