About Us

Our goals are to inspire and empower families to be passionate about SEA, and educational adventures through snorkeling and scuba diving and to take action to improve the future of our children and our oceans. We strive to help kids and families grow to love, respect, and protect each other and the underwater world which they will enjoy for decades to come. Established in 1999 Red Sea Trips has become one of the leading sea trips in Hurghada. We provides complete boat trips exclusice made for domestic and international markets.

Our inbound and outbound departments have well qualified staff that cater to the needs of individual traveler or large group of travelers. Red Sea Trips offers a wide range of services that include individual or private group boat trips in the Red Sea. Sustainability Our Mission Statement on Sustainable Tourism Red Sea Trips approach to business is guided by our awareness of the delicate path we must tread to remove any negative impacts to the environment by travelers today and in the future. We have always believed that tourism organizations should play a pivotal role in caring for the planet’s natural ecosystems, cultural heritage locations and communities, both at home and in places we visit. As leaders in the industry, we make a pledge to the following principles of tourism management: Education, Inclusivity, Integrity, Transparency, Stewardship and Continuous Improvement. We continually seek to expand our ways of creating a sustainable planet and are fully committed to implementation of the principles and processes with the Travel life Sustainability in Tourism program.

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