Hurghada is known as the land of resorts that are located in Egypt. This busy resort town is made of the Giftun Islands and Arabian Desert. The tourism in Hurghada has flourished for the past two decades due to its sparkling turquoise beaches, mind blowing coral reefs and water sports. This mushroomed resort city is a mix of modern and charming culture. With great tourist locations, this destination has top-notch restaurants to dine, drink and feast.

1. Start the Trip with a Fun Water Sport

Giftun Island is the primary location to enjoy water sports. The excursionist can travel to this place through a comfortable and luxurious cruise. When travelling on the cruise, lunch is provided for the visitors. The warm sun and the welcoming crystal clear waters of the Red Sea are great for snorkeling. In the water, tourists get the opportunity to see rare fishes and exotic coral reefs. Scuba diving fanatics find the Giftun Islands very amusing. Also, there are plenty of things to explore on this Island. This place is great to relax and enjoy the fascinating beach life.

2. Take the Exhilarating Ride of Desert Jeep and Quad Bike

The marine life in Hurghada is very engaging, so visitors forget about the exciting activities to explore in the desert region. The desert rides in Hurghada are very entertaining. Some of the desert sports available here are desert jeep, quad bikes and dune trips. These desert excitements are located in Wadis the great desert area of acacias woods. Another unique ride available in this desert wonderland is camel riding. The camel rides are fun-filling, and there are guides available to provide safety instructions.

3. Explore the Marine Life Through the Majestic Sinbad Submarine

Tourists who do not want to get wet in the water and at the same time want to explore the beauty of marine life then they take the majestic Sinbad Submarine ride. This is a great experience for travelers as they get a clear view of the magnificent coral reefs and marine life. The submarine is specially designed for tourism purposes. As the submarine hits the deep waters of Hurghada beach, the windows enchantingly expand underwater. The travelers get to see the vibrant tropical fish and friendly sea creatures in the deep water.

4. The Splendid Experience of Gazing Stars

There are not many places in the world where you can admire the brilliance of the vast sky. The secluded desert in Hurghada is the best place to spend your night by sky watching. The clear desert nights can help you to see the far-stretching vast sky that has billions of twinkling stars. In this night tour travelers are provided with telescopes to get a closer view of the sparkling sky. This incredible experience can help you learn more about the stars.

5. Relish the Fantastic Delicacies of Hurghada

The entire city of Hurghada becomes more lively and vibrant after the sunsets. The beach restaurants in Hurghada serve some of the tastiest cuisines and refreshing cocktails. The Caribbean beach bar is one such top-notch bar that serves refreshing cocktails when relaxing on the beach. Also, live music, parties and events are organized for the tourists to make their stay even more enjoyable. The top restaurants in Hurghada serve the delicious fish soup and plates of seafood. Some of the restaurants also allow visitors to choose their favorite fish to serve them the special fish dish.


6. The Fascinating Trip to the Hurghada Aquarium

Hurghada is famous for its exotic marine life creatures. Visitors who are not a great fan of snorkeling or scuba diving can admire the beauty of aqua life by visiting Hurghada Grand Aquarium . This is a huge aquarium that has an incredible collection of live marine life creatures. This aquarium is suitable for little children who are not allowed to snorkel or scuba dive. Children love this place as they get to see the colorful and beautiful sea creatures.

7. Witness the Amazingly Structured St. Anthony and St. Paul

The historic St. Anthony and St. Paul church was established in the 4th century AD. This well-structured church is famous for its history, beautiful garden, long chapel and the unique bakery. The travelers can take an exciting hiking trip from the mount of Galala Al-Qibliya to reach the cliff of these churches.


8. Visit the Extraordinary Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Place

Shadwan is a fantastic Island located on the east side of Hurghada. This is an incredible shipwreck site that cannot be easily seen in the world. The travelers who are interested in exploring the unusual shipwreck incidents can submerge in the water of Shadwan Island. This place is known for the five shipwreck incidents. The 1869 UK cargo ship Carnatic is still in the deep waters of Shadwan Island, and it is home to coral reefs. Also, in 1981 a Greek ship Chrisoula K was sunk, and other three famous shipwreck incidents have happened here. Many tourists see triggerfish, lions and pipefish on this shipwreck site.

9. Experience the Beach Life of Hurghada

To enjoy the fantastic, calm and relaxing beach life of Hurghada the travelers must stay in the beach resorts. The beach resorts will help you to get the maximum beach life experience. By staying a night or two in the classy offshore resorts of Hurghada, you can go for the beach parties, eat seafood and drink beach cocktails. This resort-stay with friends and family will help you to create memories in Hurghada.


10. The Marvelous Abdulmoneim Riadh Mosque

The majestic Abdulmoneim Riadh Mosque stands high near the beach of Hurghada. This artsy and architectural beauty connects the culture of the city. Also, Abdulmoneim Riadh Mosque is a central tourist attraction in Hurghada. Many visitors admire its intricately designed minarets, extended arches and artistic carving.


Hurghada is a perfect place to encounter the beautiful marine life and the majestic desert in one place. If you want to explore extraordinary things and fun sports, then visit the fascinating city Hurghada, Egypt.